BizzyWall is the only completely customizable, completely interactive sensory play wall for kids. Create quality, lasting educational toys that can grow and change with children.

BizzyWalls are better. Sleek, customizable walls and components are designed by experts with your child in mind.

BizzyWalls are fun. Dozens of swappable BizzyTile components and constantly updated digital learning content allow for endless novelty.

BizzyWalls help kids develop and learn. Thoughtfully constructed BizzyTiles and carefully curated digital content promote active engagement and progression.

Customizable Design

Create a BizzyWall as unique as your child.  Customize the entire background with a theme or pattern of your choosing.  You can also upload and add pictures of your child and put their name right on top.

Interchangeable Gadgets

BizzyWall gives you the option to choose from hundreds of sensory play tiles (BizzyTiles) that are completely interchangeable. Select BizzyTiles that best suit the educational and play interests of your kids, whether that be musical, visual, technical, or countless others. Every BizzyTile fits into age appropriate developmental milestones for kids.

LCD Screen and Keyboard

The BizzyWall team has carefully designed a digital platform that integrates play and learning without becoming mindless entertainment. Your children can access a range of educational games to help them learn their letters, numbers, and other foundational concepts all while our team releases new modules to keep the learning and novelty going.








First, custom design the exact BizzyWall your child would like right here on the site with our product designer. We’ll assemble your BizzyWall and ship it directly to your door. Then you’re ready to go out right of the box. BizzyTiles come pre-installed so children can begin exploring right away. Just plug in the power cord to access the digital content. When your kids are ready for new challenges, order new BizzyTiles to swap with your old ones, or connect to wifi to update the digital content when available.